What Is Industrial Mezzanine For Warehouses
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What Is Industrial Mezzanine For Warehouses

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What Is An Industrial Mezzanine?

An industrial mezzanine floor system features an elevated storage platform, installed from the floor all the way to the ceiling. In most warehouses these steel-made structures are free-standing and can be moved/dismantled quite easily. Industrial mezzanines can also be constructed of carbon, in addition to stainless steel. Flooring will vary based upon your specific needs. Mezzanines can easily be custom designed to create room for flooring surfaces.

Within a warehouse, mezzanine systems can be an effective way to increase work/storage space. These systems allow you to make the most of the unused vertical space already available in your warehouse. The space underneath the mezzanine can now be used for storage or other purposes. There are several different systems to choose from for warehouse owners. Integrated or free-standing types are the most commonly used systems today. Some mezzanines can come with industrial powder coating paint to create a durable finish. Mezzanines can be used in modular offices and shipping areas, as well.

Mezzanine Benefits For Warehouses

Here are a few benefits associated with installing mezzanines:

Increased Space: Storage mezzanines allow you to build upward instead of outward. This will create additional work and storage space within your facility.

Cost-Effective: Mezzanines are far less expensive than new construction, and they will undoubtedly save you from any relocation costs.

No Storage Issues: Storage space is instantly created when these vertical mezzanines are installed.

Easily Moved: Mezzanines can be altered or dismantled with relative ease.

How Much Do Industrial Mezzanines Cost?

A larger mezzanine will cost anywhere from $14-$20 per square foot, according to Jnjmaterial. Mezzanines that are constructed over existing shelving will cost less because the existing structure can be used for support.

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