Types of Mezzanines
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Types of Mezzanines

If you are searching online for “types of mezzanines,” then this post is for you! There are 3 primary types of mezzanines used today. These storage systems are designed to keep your business moving quickly, effectively, and efficiently by being able to create additional floor space vertically or improve your warehouse layout.

When business at your warehouse grows, you’ll unavoidably need to increase your operations to keep up with higher requirements. Aside from a belt conveyor, industrial mezzanines make for an efficient warehouse. More space is going to be required to store products or manufacturing materials, or just to provide added office space closer to the warehouse floors. A structural steel mezzanine will be the warehouse equipment you need!

Types of Mezzanines

Whereas you may believe it’s time to move to a larger facility, the expense and issues related to this may make you hesitate. But a simpler, and less costly, way to get more usable workspace in your facility is by getting a mezzanine installed! There are 3 primary types of mezzanine systems that all can be utilized to help you expand your business.

Structural Mezzanine Systems

Structural mezzanine systems are supported by shelving in which increases your storage capacity. The supporting base of structural steel mezzanines joins with this shelving system in the form of walkways or structural flooring. When you are required to store heavier cargo or need longer column expanses, these structural mezzanines are able to be built with I-beams for supporting this requirement over a concrete floor.


Deck-Over Shelving Mezzanine Systems

Deck-over shelving mezzanine systems utilizes shelving to provide the support for the upper level of the infrastructure. Shelving-supported mezzanines comes with an open deck on the 2nd deck to give a wide range of storage alternatives and shelving sizes. For instance, you can use forklifts to place pallets of material onto the upper-level mezzanine floors on its open side. These shelving-supported mezzanines are modular mezzanines that can be configured by need. This mezzanine system also enables you to restructure the setup as your storage requirements change, making it a perfectly adaptable mezzanine. These custom mezzanines can be rack-supported mezzanines for warehouses with limited space while creating additional shelf space.

Catwalk Mezzanine Systems

Catwalk mezzanines utilize shelving systems that support the mezzanine structure, and the shelving on the 2nd floor creates a catwalk pathway between its rows or provides access going to a separate mezzanine deck. It is perfect for giving employees a path to move above the facility floor level to different parts of the warehouse faster.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Warehouse Expansion

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of warehouse expansion:

The Advantages Of An Expansion

When two clearly separated spaces are required, deciding to expand has the advantage of creating two separate, disconnected surfaces. Nevertheless, for a lot of commercial and industrial warehouses, this option provides few advantages as these buildings typically have higher ceilings, and the unused space should be primarily maximized. Another advantage is utilizing limited floor spaces to accommodate substantial storage systems such as pallet rack systems.

The Disadvantages Of A Warehouse Expansion

The expansion of a warehouse’s ground floor through the use of warehouse mezzanine systems has diverse disadvantages, such as the requirement for a building permit to conform to local building codes. This requirement is usually a major annoyance for industries wanting to expand fast in order to stay productive. A 2nd main disadvantage of this alternative is the expense, as expanding the ground floor could cost three times more than a mezzanine because of the heavy work required, which is usually costly and exceeds a company’s budget.

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