Storage Solutions During The Coronavirus Pandemic
Written by Brian B

Storage Solutions During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The world around us has changed drastically during the course of the coronavirus pandemic. Storage solution companies have had to alter the way they do business, as well. Learn all about the new normal in today’s storage solutions industry right here.

Coronavirus Concerns 

The obvious concerns with the pandemic remain across the industry. Clients worry about sanitation, social distancing and safety. And companies such as Storage Equipment Systems in Phoenix, Arizona are adjusting all business models to better suit the modern world’s needs. So how can suppliers offering pallet racks, conveyor systems and lift tables meet today’s standards for safety? 

New Normal For Storage Solutions

The need for storage solutions and various machinery has not slowed down, even during shutdowns across the nation. In fact, business continues to increase for storage solution companies. As America’s economy and big business come back at full force, production could come at an all-time high. Factories need to produce faster and more efficiently. Storage Equipment Systems is making sure to meet all their clients’ needs in the safest way possible, during this ‘new normal’ phase in the country.

Storage Equipment Systems has adjusted their business model by utilizing robotics. With robotics, the human touch and breath is eliminated, ensuring a safe, clean product for customers. Robots can provide numerous important services for various companies. No human touch or human error is possible with this newest solution. Robotics are utilized mainly for transportation and deliveries; crucial for most factories in the U.S.

The need to be as efficient as possible is a main reason why this company can help. They will asses your company’s needs and provide solutions for safe and efficient workflow moving forward. Storage Equipment Systems is encouraging businesses to work smarter, not harder during the pandemic.

Watch the video below to see how Storage Equipment Systems is handling the new normal:

Storage Equipment Systems, Inc.

Storage Equipment Systems was established in April of 1982. We are a distributor of warehouse equipment such as racks, shelving, conveyors, dock levelers, and all types of material handling equipment. We have extensive inventory in our Phoenix warehouse, from carts to conveyors, shelving and certainly pallet racks. We have many national and multinational companies that use our products and services throughout the United States, as well as Mexico. What differentiates us from our competition is our care and concern for the customer. It’s not just providing the equipment, but providing the right equipment. Contact Storage Equipment Systems for all your needs today!

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