How To Recycle Pallets
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How To Recycle Pallets

We’re here to provide five options for recycling pallets.

Pallet Removal Options

Some businesses may find it tough to properly dispose of their used pallets. There are multiple reasons why pallets can accumulate, including unusual size, poor quality, small quantities and local market dynamics.

Here are a few ways to properly remove and recycle any unwanted pallets:

1. Contact Pallet Recycler

Arrangements can be made with a local pallet recycler to come and collect your pallets. Some recyclers may even be willing to compensate you for any desirable pallets, depending on the condition they are in. So, you can expect to either pay for a recycler to retrieve your pallets or get paid in exchange. Most recyclers can work with businesses for the long term.

2. Request Corrugated Pallets

The shipper can be asked to change over to corrugated paper pallets. These pallets are typically just as easy to recycle. Another option for the shipper is to stay with the corrugated paper theme by simply switching to slip sheets. If you do use slip sheets, though, there will not be any newer pallets arriving to your building. This is done to save space in a particular area in which cube space is limited.

3. Ask For Shipper Pallet Pickup

It is possible to ask the shipper to pick up their own empty pallets, whether it is directly or indirectly through a third party. Many pallet companies offer pallet retrieval services, which could be advantageous for both the shipper and receiver. However, it does mean the receiver is responsible for clearing the receiving dock of pallets.

4. Offer Pallets For Sale Or Pickup

Pallets remaining in good condition can be offered up for sale. Wood pallets, especially, have become a favorite for individuals with craft projects. Always keep in mind the labor associated with transport and placement of the pallets, if necessary. Another way to get rid of the pallets would be to offer them for pickup. That way, labor and time is no longer a requirement for your business.

5. Utilize Reusable Pallets

You can always consider pallet flow through as an option. Try to encourage your shipper to utilize pallets made of a higher quality material. Flow through is a great strategy that can help in obtaining an accumulation of high quality and reusable pallets.

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