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Our experienced sales staff will design a practical new and used pallet rack system to maximize your warehouse space for productivity. Storage Equipment Systems, Inc.’s personnel are trained professionals and are dedicated to doing the best job for your affordable pallet rack design solution.

Warehouse layout design is critical to the success of any business that relies on efficient storage and retrieval of goods. A good warehouse design will not only save space and increase productivity, but it will also improve safety and reduce operational costs.

We have been designing warehouse storage systems using industrial storage racks for the material handling industry.


There are OSHA regulations for the safe staging and unloading of trucks. Are you aware of these requirements? Truck restraints, trailer stabilizers, and wheel chocks are a few items OSHA requires. The proper use of dock boards and dock plates are also serious OSHA regulated items. Don’t take a chance.

Ask us, we can advise and provide the correct specifications for dock boards, dock plates, transition plates, edge of dock levelers, as well as mechanical and hydraulic dock boards.

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There are always areas in the plant that need to be segmented, secured, or isolated. If it’s temperature control, security, or dust and dirt elimination, SES can provide the barriers necessary. Plastic strip curtains, air curtains, impact doors, or speed doors are all items that can be implemented to accomplish your goals. Whether you need these for your commercial storage space, vehicle storage, or self-storage facilities, we can assess the application and provide valuable advice. Give us a call if you need a new warehouse storage layout design or an upgrade to your current facility.

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Storage Equipment Systems was established in April of 1982. We are experts in the storage business. We are a distributor of warehouse equipment such as racks, shelving, conveyors, dock levelers, and all types of material handling equipment for your storage facilities. We have an extensive inventory of storage units in our Phoenix warehouse, from carts to conveyors, shelving, and certainly, pallet racks to help you have an efficient warehouse or a self-storage facility with features, such as extended access hours, and storage options that can help you meet your business goals. We have many national and multinational companies that use our products and services throughout the United States, as well as Mexico. What differentiates us from our competition is our care and concern for the customer. It’s not just providing the equipment, but providing the right and user-friendly equipment. Whether you need help with handling or a storage unit for any unit size, Contact our loading docks expert for all your needs today!



Storage Equipment Systems, Inc. offers experienced, licensed, insured and bonded installers for all your material handling needs.


We guarantee that our professionally trained and certified technicians understand your equipment and will fix it right the first time.


If you have a unique material handling or storage product situation, Storage Equipment Systems, Inc. can help by offering custom solutions.

permits approved

If you ignore the building permit process it can cost you money or even having to remove the equipment being installed until a permit is obtained. Moving specific storage units or different storage unit sizes are controlled by regulations.


Our personnel are trained professionals and are dedicated to doing the best job for your affordable pallet racks design solution. Whether you need self-storage units, climate-controlled storage, extra storage space for your warehouse, or requiring drive-up access, we can support any storage facilities for any business.