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If you are searching for wheel, roll, belt, or powered roller conveyors in Phoenix, Storage Equipment Systems can help. Storage Equipment Systems offers custom conveyor installation services throughout the entire Phoenix Valley.

Conveyors are the most used form of automation in today’s plants and warehouses. Conveyors speed up the flow of products in plants, warehouses and distribution centers. You can manually transport those cartons and totes or you can automatically move them from location to location, using conveyors.

Efficiency continues to be the driving force in materials handling and conveyors can represent a company’s ability to remain competitive in today’s market. Reducing workers travel time through the warehouse directly increases productivity.


  • A simple non-powered skate wheel or roller conveyor may suit your purpose. Gravity moves the product. Non-powered conveyors are less expensive and are extremely flexible and easily relocated. However; gravity does not provide positive flow of packages and products.
  • Powered conveyors for package handling will effectively control the flow of materials along the conveyor path.
  • Powered belt conveyors and powered roller conveyors are most common. Belt conveyors offer a smooth solid surface while roller conveyors have a greater live load capacity and are used primarily where boxes are transferred off of or on to a conveyor.

Wheel Conveyor

Skate Wheel Conveyors are nonpowered conveyors used to transport packaging materials and other objects using gravity similarly to roller conveyors. Wheel systems allow for the customization of the conveyor by increasing or decreasing the width of space and number of wheels used to adjust for faster or slower delivery and other needs of the end user.

Roller conveyor

A roller conveyor can be powered manually or by using gravity to move your items along the line. Weight capacities can range between 95 to 3,000 pounds per roller to accommodate packaging materials as well as oversize products. Typically, the rollers are sloped to a degree to allow for baggage carousels, production lines, and loading docks plus other use case applications. Depending on what your need is the conveyor can be a configured with spurs, straight pieces or curved sections considering your individual needs and space available..

Powered roller conveyor

A powered roller uses electric motors to drive goods along a conveyor line. These conveyor systems can be used for packages or pallets with flat bottoms among food, automotive, packaging, and other industries. Depending on the materials being transported conveyor system will use different drives like chains, belts, sprockets, or a self-contained motor with non-powered rollers driven by O-rings.

Belt Conveyor

According to Wikipedia, a conveyor belt system continuously moves goods along a predefined path using unpowered and powered pulleys also known as idle and drive pulleys. These are systems are usually classified as material handling and bulk handling and can be used to move smaller items like cardboard boxes inside a factory or larger items like potash and other unrefined materials from inside a mine to the surface above ground.
Since a belt conveyor is constantly in motion, they are usually high-volume systems with belts made from PVC, rubber, leather, or metal depending on the weight of the materials being transported. In addition to different belt types, further customization can be achieved by adjusting belt speed, pitch, curve, and adding safety features like emergency stops. In the United States regulations, OSHA 1926.555 and OSHA 1917.48 further defines safe practices like lockout/tagout points, audible alarms, guards to prevent items from being wedged in possible pinch points.

Let’s Get To Work On Your Business!

Many variables come into play when considering the use of conveyors in your operation. What are you transporting?  Cartons, totes, pallets, or components? What are the load characteristics, (size, weight, surface, etc.)? How do you decide what to use? You don’t, we do. Our experienced staff will help advise you and design a conveyor system to suit your needs.

Containing costs is a real and constant challenge, considering conveyors and automating transportation will reap big benefits.



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If you ignore the building permit process it can cost you money or even having to remove the equipment being installed until a permit is obtained. Moving specific storage units or different storage unit sizes are controlled by regulations.


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