Warehouse Safety Tips
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5 Important Warehouse Safety Tips

Safety is always a priority for warehouses all over the globe. Preventing injuries and resource losses are the main goals in this industry. Keeping to your warehouse cleaning checklist, providing proper training for your employees, wearing the proper safety equipment, and adhering to a strict equipment maintenance schedules is essential. All warehouse employees should do their part to ensure a safe and clean warehouse.

Safety and cleanliness are essential parts of your warehouse organization. These are as important to your business as your racking storage, racking installations, storage areas, or your inventory. If you are searching for “warehouse safety tips“, use the following checklist of 5 items as your guide to improve working conditions and protect your employees.

Safety Tips For Warehouse Workers

Warehouse managers should focus on these areas to keep the warehouse and its employees in the safest conditions possible:

  1. Follow Your Training
  2. Prevent Slips And Falls
  3. Always Clean And Organize
  4. Regular Fire Drills
  5. Maintenance Plan For Equipment

Follow Your Training

Warehouses must include safety training as part of new employee initiation. All employers should follow these guidelines before letting any employees hit the floor for the first time:

  • Provide all employees with proper and extensive training courses. Make sure all training and educational programs ensure OSHA compliance.
  • Give each employee properly sized protective equipment.
  • Only let authorized and certified employees handle heavy equipment and/or hazardous materials.

Prevent Slips And Falls

According to Highspeedtraining, slips are the most common cause of work injuries in UK warehouses. Prevent falls and slips by following these guidelines:

  • Make sure all employees maintain a clean work area.
  • Display appropriate warning and caution signs.
  • Provide a portable expanding scissor barrier in places where there are hazards.
  • Use anti-slip paint, tape, and shoes at all times.
  • Train all employees in ladder safety.
  • All floors must be level.

Fallen Warehouse Worker

Always Clean And Organize

Make sure all warehouse floors, walls, etc are clear of any hazards. Always empty the garbage cans to prevent infestation of pests. Employees should always conduct routine regular cleaning and regular safety checks. Here are the following warehouse cleaning tips:

  • Have cleanup systems in place.
  • Cover all power cords and hoses in walkways.
  • Plan workflow so that any products or equipment is not causing obstructions.
  • Place warning signs or caution tape around potential hazards.
  • Refill toilet paper
  • Regularly inspect all heavy machinery and equipment.

For starters, you may formulate a factory cleaning checklist right now. You can assign cleaning duties or cleaning tasks, for instance, to mop floors, assign recycling bins, and garbage bins, to ensure clean floors, and surroundings, that are free from the clutter that may lead to accidents. Make sure cleaning supplies are available at all times.

Keeping the warehouse floor clean and safe may require deep cleaning and a thorough assessment of the entire warehouse space. Keeping your warehouse clean may not be enough. You may consider hiring a professional cleaning service for a deep clean to ensure that your cleaning process is done right.

Regular Fire Drills

Besides possible injuries or worse, fires can cause valuable losses in resources and production time.

  • Create a safe fire evacuation plan.
  • Carry out extensive and efficient fire drills at least once a year with all employees.
  • Test your fire alarms weekly.
  • Designate a fire warden who is to take charge during emergencies.
  • Install emergency lighting to help employees see pathways and exits.

Maintenance Plan For Equipment

Clearly establish a maintenance plan for all equipment in the warehouse. Machine parts, pallets and containers should all be inspected regularly.

  • Have a pre-determined schedule for maintenance checks.
  • Report any defects or damages immediately.
  • Inspect pallet racking systems and storage facilities regularly.
  • Use netting to prevent any objects from falling from any height.
  • Use safety cabinets to store flammable materials.
  • Make sure that everything is coordinated with your inventory control

Warehouse Safety

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