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Pallet Racks Shelving & Shop Equipment Mezzanines

Storage System Shelving and Shop Equipment Storage Phoenix
Call Storage Equipment Systems, Inc. Arizona 602-269-1188

It all seems pretty easy! You have 100’s of items to store. The warehouse or storage area is a mess. You can’t find what you’re looking for. You have hundreds or even thousands of SKU’s and order picking is costly and inefficient. The tool room is a critical part of your operation but you have lost control of the tool inventory.

You know what to do. I’ll just install some shelving you say. Now what? How deep, how high, how much space between shelves? Steel shelving? Rivet style shelving? Should your shelving be closed or open style? What about shelf bins for bulk storage?  Do you need drawer storage or cabinets? Wait a second… Are there rules for storing different kinds of items? How should you store flammable products? How do you minimize space and still be able to find what you need, when you need it?

You can make these decisions. You can answer these questions. However; you will most likely be wrong. No it’s not as simple as it seems. You need to get some guidance and direction. These are all questions that are easily answered by experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Storage Equipment Systems, Inc. is eager to help and advise you on the proper application of shelving and small item storage.

And… shop equipment. There are literallythousands of types, sizes and configurations of workbenches, tech benches, packing benches, employee lockers, stools and industrial seating, etc. Don’t guess, pick out something from a picture you saw somewhere and hope it works out. Give us a call; let’s talk about your application. We will give you straightforward answers and practical advice. Our staff understands the fundamentals of the industry and has up to date knowledge and awareness of the latest technology.

Let’s get to work on your business!

storage solutions tempe

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