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Conveyor Systems Carousel & Vertical Storage Lift Tables & Ergonomics

Carousel and Vertical Storage Sytems Phoenix Arizona
Storage Equipment Systems, Inc. 602-269-1188

When searching for methods to improve storage and retrieval in your facility you should consider four critical factors: space, cost, throughput and labor.  Traditional shelving eats up valuable floor space. Parts retrieval is slow and cumbersome. We can provide a solution that will:

  • Reduce labor by up to 2/3

  • Save up to 75% of floor space

  • Produce a dramatic increase in worker productivity

  • Increase accuracy to 99.99%

  • Protect your inventory from damage, dirt, shrinkage, security breaches

  • Provide complete, and accurate inventory control in real time.

Vertical carousels and vertical lift modules deliver all these benefits and more by bringing the product to the person and utilizing the entire vertical space available.
Vertical carousels consist of shelves that are housed in a large cabinet and rotate up and down in a “ferris wheel” like fashion. VLM (vertical lift modules) look similar but store trays on both sides of a vertical column and are retrieved by and extractor mechanism.

These systems respond to operator requests for required items by delivering the proper “carrier” (shelving unit) or storage tray to the operator at an ergonomically correct positioned access window.

A complete storage management system is integrated into the machine. The TFT touch screen makes it easy to use. No additional PC or monitor is required.

If you are storing small parts, large parts, electronic components, automotive or truck parts, medical/pharmaceutical supplies, hospital supplies, aviation parts, tools and dies, and many thousands of other uses, vertical storage equipment could be the answer to your problems.

Let’s get to work on your business!

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